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Hyper Resilient. Obscenely Durable.

Romex hardscapes are categorically stronger, longer lasting and more durable than any other, with proven results that far exceed industry standards.

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Highly Water Permeable.

Innovative and unique, Romex solutions can capture rainfall on site, providing multiple options for storm water management, including earning LEED points.

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No Freeze-Heave.

Permeable hardscapes never trap water “between a rock and a hard place”. Water flows through and out, avoiding the destructive results of expansion as it freezes.

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Impenetrable. No Weeds, No Ants.

It doesn’t take long - ants and weeds strive to push up underneath and between pavers, destroying their look and structural integrity. Romex stops them in their tracks.

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Slash Install Timelines.

Romex resin jointing mortars are installed in a fluid state before hardening, completely filling joints and giving you up to 90% time and labour savings over conventional jointing.

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German-Engineered and Manufactured.

Romex invented the technology and remains the sole global market leader. Production and QA are controlled through centralized fabrication in Germany to DIN ISO 9001:2000.


Buy ROMEX products across Canada from of our Retail partners.


Buy ROMEX products from BC Brick in Richmond and all BURNCO locations in Western Canada.

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Buy ROMEX products from Hamilton Builders Supply (GTA) and Geosynthetic Systems (Ottawa) in Eastern Canada.

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"We love working with ROMEX CANADA. Truly the most innovative and easy to install product we have found in over 18 years! Glad to have you as one of our suppliers."

The Great Canadian Landscaping Company

"ROMEX... was always attentive, responsive, and respectful of other trades, followed through on their promises, and was very pleasant to work with throughout the project."

Jean Lambert, Senior Project Manager

Colliers International
"Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Always willing to assist in finding sensible solutions to challenges. A pleasure to work with."

David Bradshaw, Owner

Crocus Landscaping
"I will never go back to other methods."

Tyler Parke

Sequoia Landscape Services
"Thanks again ROMEX. We love this product."

Absolute Landscaping

"We aim, whenever possible, to have consultants, architects, and our clients switch paving build ups to Romex due to its superior performance, its permeability, its longevity, but also due to the future maintenance savings."


Houston Landscaping
"The best way to finish a patio and path and make it last for decades. True permeable paving joint mortar."

The Great Canadian Landscaping Company

"There is nothing else in the market that comes close to the standard set by Romex. You have to see it to believe it!"


Theron Horton Landscape Design Inc.
"I would recommend ROMEX to anyone considering them for a project of similar scale and scope."

Colliers International

"Looks great...rainwater certainly does run through...we no longer worry about the placement of chair feet...thank you for a job well done with a first class product!"

Doug Robertson

"Romex is THE solution for patios, walkways, driveways, drainage strips, flagstone applications, etc. When you want to give your clients the best long term plan for their landscape work, you gotta go with these guys. "

Tyler Parke

Sequoia Landscape Services
"I'm thrilled ROMPOX EASY is such an incredible product to work with. It was just so easy! Would I recommend ROMPOX EASY... You bet! I have no reservations at all!"

Joan from North Vancouver

"We have been using Romex for 2 years now on our projects. It is, hands down, the best hardscape paving solution on the market."


Houston Landscaping
"The ROMEX system has performed to all expectations."

Colliers International

"It can be pressure washed without having to come back and fix jointing later."


Houston Landscaping


Level and smooth under foot or furniture.


Keep the calling card of your home looking perfect.


Don't mess about. Design with no loose ends.


Rock solid surfaces that keep tree roots happy.


Leave a lasting legacy. Private, public or civil.


Simplified design. Superior performance.


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