Homeowner Joan from North Vancouver Becomes Global Advocate



Joan from North Vancouver was so thrilled with ROMPOX EASY that she made a home video to show how easy it is to use.

When she sent it in to us at ROMEX CANADA, she probably didn’t realize that her video would be watched by people the world over who were interested in the product.

Her video is now being viewed by thousands of people on the main German ROMEX site, the United States ROMEX site, and throughout YouTube.

ROMPOX EASY is an all-in-one pre-mix that you can use as paving stone grout or mortar to fix issues with your path or patios. It’s only for pedestrian loads so don’t use it on driveways, however, it’s more than strong enough for walking on.

Such an experience goes to show how marketing has changed since the onset of social media, and that now the main thing is to keep customers happy and satisfied with wonderful products and customer service.

Thanks again, Joan, for putting in the effort and showing how easy ROMPOX EASY really is.