Resin Film Free Jointing Mortar Suitable for Residential Pathways & Patios.

ROMPOXยฎ - PURE | PATIO is a 1-component resin jointing mortar that hardens/cures with air/oxygen after application and was specifically developed for the jointing of sensitive surfaces and coated concrete stone slabs. The jointed stone surface is almost resin film free, which maintains the natural colour of the stone. ROMPOXยฎ - PURE | PATIO is suitable for use on patios and on surfaces around the house with light, occasional vehicle loads (on settling-free, water permeable bed). This permeable and pressure washer safe jointing mortar can be used on almost all natural stone, porcelain, concrete and clinker surfaces.

Rompox PURE 01
  • For Pedestrian Loads
  • For Joint Widths from 5 mm (1/4")
  • Resin Film Free
  • Highly Water Permeable
  • Easy to Mix/Apply
  • Suitable for Coated & Sensitive Stone Surfaces
  • Ideal for Residential Patios & Pathways
2 Comp
rompox easy pre wet
1. Pre-Wet

Lightly pre-wet the surface before you begin. Do not let water accumulate in the joints and avoid the use of too much water.

rompox profi easy mixing
2. Mixing

Pour the 55lb filler material & Pure Patio resin component into a clean, sufficiently large bucket. Mix for 6 minutes total. DO NOT ADD WATER!

rompox easy pour on
3. Pour On

Pour the mixed jointing mortar on to the pre-wetted surface.

rompox profi easy wash in
4. Work In

Work the jointing mortar into the joints using a broom or rubber squeegee, ensuring it passes deep into the joints and fills them completely.

rompox profi easy final cleaning
5. Final Cleaning

Use a soft hair broom to do a final cleaning until all residual mortar has been removed from the surface. Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint. Do not re-use swept off material.

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