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Fully Permeable Radiant Heat Hardscapes by ROMEX Canada


Cracking, erosion and costly repairs often caused by impermeability are all pain points associated with a traditional concrete slab hardscape installation. These common issues can be accelerated when subjected to rapid free-thaw cycles as is the norm with radiant heat hardscapes in below freezing climates. However, ROMEX Canada have a proven, long-term solution to these climate specific challenges.

Our ROMEX System Guarantee (RSG) product comprises our permeable Trass-Bed bedding, Adhesion Elutriant and 2-component jointing material to deliver a proven solution that can be seamlessly installed with the latest radiant heat technology.

Read on to learn how we have developed the only fully permeable radiant heat hardscape solution.


ROMEX Trass Bed Compound vs. Concrete

Same ROMEX product, different application, better results…

RSG’s unique combination of permeability and warranty-backed durability makes it the ultimate upgrade to an impervious concrete slab and the perfect answer to challenging winter conditions.

By successfully eliminating the possibility of water becoming trapped within and underneath the radiant heat paving system, ROMEX Trass-bed retains greater strength and integrity than a traditional, impermeable concrete slab which can become susceptible to erosion, weakening and ultimately cracking.

An easy & efficient one-time installation


Do it once, Do it right..

Our ROMEX Trass Bed compound can be installed directly on top of your project’s insulation and radiant heat system build-up. With recommended depths ranging from 2″ for pedestrian areas to 2.5″ and above for vehicular loading, the RSG product can cater for all applications.

Installation is easy, efficient and done in one shot as opposed to the traditional two-step process associated with a typical concrete slab. The Trass Bed compound is poured wet and leveled to the correct depth and coverage before the pavers are backed with 3-5mm of our ROMEX Adhesion Elutriant (“thin set”) and placed in to position, forming a strong “wet-to-wet” bond.

When installed correctly, our Trass Bed compound provides a stronger, more durable and cost efficient solution to an impervious concrete slab.

ROMEX Trass Bed being installed with a heated system.

ROMEX Trass Bed being installed with a heated system.

RSG – The Results


Our industry leading 10-year manufacturer’s warranty carries a 50-year life expectancy and ensures that all installations meet the highest of standards. The innovative combination of RSG and radiant heat systems provide a solution that is safe, robust and reliable in all conditions.

heated surface

Results of one of our recent radiant heat project successes in Whistler, BC

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