ROMEX Receives Honourable Mention at HNA Awards

We are proud to announce that our flagship project at Simon Fraser University has received an Honourable Mention award at the 2021 Hardscape North America ceremony which recognises outstanding hardscape projects in the U.S. and Canada. The 200,000 sqft permeable paving commercial project was submitted to the Combination of Hardscape Products Commercial category. It was one of only two award winners in the category, picking up the Honourable Mention for the its commitment to durability, sustainability and overall performance in a busy pedestrian environment.

The number of submissions received from across North America for the various award categories continues to grow. In 2021, a record 178 projects were submitted across 18 hardscape categories, including concrete paver, clay brick, segmental retaining walls, porcelain, natural stone, vintage installation, outdoor living features, and a combination of hardscape products.

“The HNA Awards is a well-earned tribute to work that is elevating the hardscape industry in many ways. Being recognized are projects that are the result of exceptional teams delivering creative solutions, quality products, and reliable installations,” said Dr. Marshall Brown, ICPI Chair.

In an effort to inject new life and energy into their main campus, Simon Fraser University made a significant financial investment to renovate, renew and modernise their existing campus. Permeability, durability and usability were defined as the top priorities for the campus-wide paving renovation. The University’s Board of Directors left no stone unturned in the product selection process as they thoroughly demonstrated and tested several competing systems. John Wall, Principal of Public Design, who was the Architect for the project added, “A full-scale, in-situ mock-up of several short-listed roof assemblies was constructed and tested for loading and drainage performance. The final, selected assembly demonstrated the fastest drainage and drying times.” The decision was to move ahead with Romex.

Our ROMEX System Guarantee – RSG 10 paving system comprised of our permeable Trass bed bedding material, Adhesion Elutriant bonding agent and permeable resin bound jointing was selected for the project. The selection of our fully-bonded, permeable system gave the decision makers security and peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and 50 year life expectancy. While durability and useability were key factors in product selection, so too was permeability. Following the project completion it is estimated that the expansive permeable surface at SFU constructed with our RSG 10 system now redirects millions of litres of stormwater per year away from the already congested network of drains and sewers thanks to the ROMEX system’s stormwater management capabilities.

Upon receipt of the award, ROMEX North America’s VP Operations Tom Kirk commented, “We are delighted to receive this Honorable Mention award and firmly believe it puts permeable hardscapes on the map in North America. The successful delivery of this project is a testament to the vision shown by the leaders at Simon Fraser University, as well as the teamwork and collaboration displayed by all those involved in the positive outcome of the project. We hope the innovative and long-term approach to hardscape projects shown at SFU can become the blueprint for others in the future when creating environmentally sustainable surfaces that last a lifetime.”


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