Durable Hardscape Surface with 10-Year Warranty – ROMEX System Guarantee (RSG)

What is RSG?

At ROMEX, we’re committed to providing not just products, but complete solutions that redefine the standards of durability, permeability, and longevity in hardscaping. That’s why we created our ROMEX System Guarantee (RSG),a comprehensive warranty program that reflects our dedication to quality and innovation.
RSG is more than just a warranty; it’s a testament to the power of synergy among our premium hardscaping products. Comprising three essential components—TRASS BED, Adhesion Elutriant, and our high quality jointing products—RSG offers you peace of mind by providing warranty for 10-Years.

System Components


Our paver base is not your average foundation. Engineered for durability and permeability, Trass Bed is the foundation of the ROMEX System Guarantee. When combined with ASTM #8 stone and water, it forms a frost-resistant, rock-solid base that remains permeable and stands the test of time.

Adhesion Elutriant:

Say goodbye to paver movement and instability. Our Adhesion Elutriant, applied beneath each paver, creates a bond with the TRASS BED that’s so strong, it prevents any unwanted shifts or displacements, ensuring a surface that stays intact through the seasons.

Jointing Products:

To complete the system, we offer a range of jointing products designed to seamlessly fill the gaps between your pavers. Our jointing solutions provide not just aesthetic appeal, but also structural integrity, locking your hardscape in place for years to come.
Once your ROMEX System is in place, your surface qualifies for our exclusive ROMEX System Guarantee, offering you a decade of worry-free enjoyment. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your outdoor space or a contractor seeking dependable hardscaping solutions, RSG provides peace of mind for the next 10 years. Contact us to learn more about this innovative system.