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ROMPOX® – W1000

Paving jointing mortar for winter use

Fast Curing for Heavy Commercial Traffic Loads

The First Synthetic Resin Pavement Jointing Mortar That Works Below 0 °C

ROMPOX® – W1000 is synthetic resin jointing mortar that can be installed at negative temperatures as it will successfully cure up to -5 °C. ROMPOX® – W1000 is resistant to street cleaning vehicles, allows for the quick re-opening to traffic and is ideal for public spaces and commercial yards. The compound has a high strength rating and is suitable for 8mm (3/8”) wide joints on all natural stone and concrete surfaces. Resistant to ants, weeds, frost, de-icing salt and is pressure washer safe.

For traffic loads up to 25 T
For joint widths from 3 ⁄8” | 8 mm
Water permeable
Can be installed up to -5 °C
Resistant to street cleaning vehicles
Ideal for winter construction projects
Allows for quick re-opening to traffic




1. Pre-Wet

Lightly pre-wet the surface before you begin. Do not let water accumulate in the joints and avoid the use of too much water.


2. Mixing

Pour the 55lb filler material & ROMPOX® – W1000 resin component into a clean, sufficiently large bucket. Mix for 6 minutes total. DO NOT ADD WATER!

rompox-easy-pour-on (1)

3. Pour On

Pour the mixed jointing mortar on to the pre-wetted surface.


4. Work In

Work the jointing mortar into the joints using a broom or rubber squeegee, ensuring it passes deep into the joints and fills them completely.


5. Cleaning

Sweep the stone surface immediately after application with a coarse street broom. Use a soft hair broom to do a final cleaning until all residual mortar has been removed from the surface. Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint. Do not reuse swept off material.


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