Permeable Surfaces Prevent Flooding

"Permeable paving systems allow stormwater to percolate and infiltrate the surface areas, bypassing the traditionally impervious materials to the soil below. The goal is to control stormwater at the source, reduce runoff and improve water quality." Wikipedia

As we continue to build larger and larger city sprawls to accommodate urbanization of people moving away from rural communities and overall population growth, more and more natural land is made impenetrable to rainwater – or ‘impervious’ – because of the roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings that make up our urban environments.

Hard surfaces are built with a few degrees of slope and roofs have downspouts that work to collect and direct rainfall down and away into our city sewer systems.

This means more and more of this most valuable of natural resources (1) never reaches the soil or returns to recharge groundwater, and (2) heavy rainfalls can overload city systems and cause flooding.

It’s easy to understand why rainwater not returning to the soil as intended is detrimental to all life that requires it, be it the roots of plants and trees, or the countless animals who depend on it.

Also, when city streets flood, it can not only cause costly damage to our built environment; in most cases, city systems have a safety release which directs excessive storm water directly into surrounding rivers, lakes or the ocean without being processed. In some cases, this can include other city waste water which has also not been processed.

As we change the climate, and rain falls in larger volumes over shorter periods of time, and these issues are only made worse.

As such, cities and municipalities are incorporating Integrated Stormwater Management (ISM) initiatives in city planning, commonly called an Integrated Rainwater Management Plan (IRMP) or simply Rainwater Management. Different municipalities take slightly different approaches, but generally these plans include designs, ideas, and regulations to reduce the inflows of rainfall into city systems.

Government turns to industry to provide solutions to reach the targets set out in the regulations. Romex offers multiple stormwater management products that can help achieve onsite stormwater management solutions.

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