How ROMEX Helps the Environment

ROMEX CANADA seeks to weave corporate social responsibility into the DNA of our company. We are proud to operate our business while taking action on climate change. The company helps the environment through its Products and its voluntary Company Initiatives.


ROMEX hardscapes are categorically stronger and longer lasting than any conventional alternative. More resilient to the forces of nature, ROMEX hardscapes can last for decades, not just months. Clearly, doing something once, instead of over and over again, means fewer materials, as well as fewer resources for acquiring, shipping, processing, shipping, storing, and distributing those materials are therefore used. Our ‘one and done’ creates a brighter future than ‘take-make-waste-repeat’.

With a permeable hardscape, water is not automatically run off into the sewer system, as it is with every impermeable option. Instead, water has a chance of reaching its intended target all along – our ecosystem. Water tables are replenished. Plants can grow. This most valuable resource is not simply flushed away the minute it lands on the ground. And rainfall from flash storm water can be captured, and saved for future use.
Furthermore, if cities are not flooded from overloaded sewer systems, less damage is caused to the built or natural environment, providing avoided cost and resource depletion benefits.

ROMEX products are fabricated in only one facility in the world, located in Euskirchen, Germany. This allows for tight control to maintain the highest levels of production quality. This means a certain amount of overseas shipping is inherent in our business operations. However, ROMEX CANADA ships only the high-tech resin binders from Germany, which are a small fraction of our installed solutions by weight; the sands and other aggregates which comprise the bulk of those solutions are sourced locally for each area – which minimizes our impacts from shipping. Then, as part of our commitment to being a Certified Carbon Neutral Company, we invest in projects that effectively reduce carbon in the atmosphere, in efforts to fully balance and offset even those impacts.


Climate Change is the single biggest threat to our society, our civilization, and the natural ecosystems of which we are intimately a part.

Yet almost everything we do creates climate-changing carbon emissions. So how can we justify running the business that we need to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs?

Romex Canada West is committed to being part of the change that we must all make to shape a future we can live with.

Since inception, we have measured and calculated our GHG (“Greenhouse Gas”) impact of our business operations. We are proud to say that we have offset 110% of that impact, making Romex Canada West a Climate Positive – or, Net Carbon Negative – company. We are in essence taking out more GHG impact than we create.

We did this with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider. Their projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emission reductions are real, additional and permanent. The projects that we support also provide additional benefits to the communities

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surrounding them. They are: The Great Bear Forest Carbon ProjectQuadra Island Forestland Conservation Project, and a Cookstove project in Uganda. Through supporting these projects we have neutralized our own emissions by preventing the equivalent amount of emissions at these sites. We are proud to operate our business while taking action on climate change.

Climate Smart is an award-winning social enterprise that enables organizations to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, while strengthening their businesses and building a resilient economy.

Started in Vancouver, BC in 2007 as a program of Ecotrust Canada, Climate Smart has gone on to help more than 800 businesses that represent over 78,000 employees across North America.

In 2015, Climate Smart was awarded a City of Vancouver “Greenest City Leadership Award”. In 2016 Climate Smart’s BEEP tool was the overall Grand Prize Winner in the “MIT Climate CoLab” contest , chosen from over 500 proposals with 71,000 votes cast.  

To become Climate Smart certified, a business/organization is required to:

  1. Complete the Climate Smart training program.
  2. Complete a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, according to the GHG Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, and have it reviewed and approved by a Climate Smart client advisor.
  3. Create a GHG emissions reduction plan that includes actions to address the most significant sources of emissions measured in its GHG inventory.

Romex Canada West has completed all these steps and is a Certified Climate Smart Business for 2018.


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