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The aim of this large residential driveway project was to create a beautiful, maintenance free and functional driveway that both matched the quality of the house build and allowed the homeowners to use their driveway year-round, whatever the weather. Paul Sangha Creative specified ROMEX’s 10-year system warranty in conjunction with natural stone basalt pavers and jumbo flagstone inlays. The project was installed expertly by C-Mac Contracting Ltd who overcame several logistical challenges throughout the project and delivered a result that all project stakeholders are extremely proud of. The use of ROMPOX® – TRASS BED as the permeable mortar bed provided a sufficient foundation to support vehicular loading and allowed for efficient heat transfer from the radiant heat system. The design team were thus able to reduce costs on the project by eliminating the need for a concrete slab. Further benefits included the incorporation of an efficient stormwater management strategy by allowing rainwater and snow melt to return naturally to the water table via the permeable paving system.


Our ROMEX® System Guarantee (RSG) paving system comprising of ROMEX® – TRASS BED permeable bedding mortar, ROMEX® – ADHESION ELUTRIANT bond bridge and ROMEX® – D1 permeable jointing mortar was chosen to work in conjunction with the radiant heat system. The fully bonded, permeable setting system allows for a more efficient heat transmission to the paver surface when compared to traditional methods such as sand as the insulating properties of sand result in higher system operating costs than the RSG 10 system. The ROMEX® system delivers a life expectancy of 50 years meaning it was the ideal solution to support medium weight vehicular loading up to 7.5 T, be able to withstand regular pressure washing and reduce the project timelines due to the speed and efficiency of the installation. The paving system has the capability and durability to withstand harsh winter climates and eliminate the potential of freeze-thaw damage, while working seamlessly with the radiant heat system to ensure the driveway remains safe and user friendly all year round.


  1. Deliver a world class hardscape that matched the quality of the property and exceeded the client’s expectations.
  2. Install a highly durable system that is completely frost resistant and works seamlessly with radiant heat technology.
  3. Increase efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and shorten the project timeline by eliminating the concrete slab.
  4. Provide a pressure washer safe surface that can be easily maintained.

Thanks to its durable and resilient properties, the natural stone material selection ensures that the surface will look good for decades despite the weather challenges. The RSG 10 system provides the end user with a permeable, frost resistant setting system which compliments the radiant heat technology. The ROMEX® – D1 permeable jointing mortar installation allowed for a reduced project timeline than would not have been possible with a traditional masonry install. Finally, close consultation and support from ROMEX® during the design phase, onsite training with the install crew and providing assistance the contractor regarding the project’s logistical challenges were all key to the successful delivery of this project.


RSG Permeable Paving System with ROMPOX® – D1 Jointing Mortar


Permeable, heated driveway paving system for private residence


Whsitler, British Columbia



Landscape Architect

Paul Sangha


Private Homeowner



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