The Game Changer – Jointing Sand & Stabiliser Solution

The Evolution of Paver Jointing Solutions

ROMPOX® FUGENSAND & D7000 JOINT STRENGTHENER + SURFACE SEALER is the latest advancement in Jointing Sand technology and includes our revolutionary joint strengthener and surface sealer enhancements. The innovative combination is designed to accommodate joints widths from 1/16” and delivers multiple desirable benefits to DIY homeowners and Contractors including efficient installation, increased stormwater management capabilities and ease of maintenance when compared to traditional sand jointing or polymeric sand installs.

Here are three great reasons to switch from polymeric sand to ROMPOX® FUGENSAND & D7000 JOINT STRENGTHENER + SURFACE SEALER:

The Secret Sauce

ROMPOX® FUGENSAND uses a natural polymer binder unlike traditional polymeric sands that typically use a cementitious binder. The advanced binder in ROMPOX® FUGENSAND allows water to pass through the jointing compound during and following installation, successfully activating all the polymer binders, and resulting in a significantly stronger and more durable joint. Cement binders are not permeable and result in surfaces retaining far more moisture in the joints which often facilitates the growth of moss and accelerates the degradation of the jointing material.




Keep it Clean – 1,800 psi vs 80 psi

Joints that have been treated with our ROMPOX® FUGENSAND & D7000 JOINT STRENGTHENER + SURFACE SEALER are pressure washer safe up to 1,800 psi making annual maintenance easy without the risk of damaging or blowing out the jointing material. The ability to keep the joints clean while safely removing moss and organic matter ensures the surface’s long-term usability and performance remains intact. The sealing properties of the ROMPOX® – D7000 serve to protect the integrity of the surface and help to delay the build up of surface matter.

One & Done! 

Our sand, stabiliser and sealer combination enables installers to get many great benefits in only a couple of simple steps! The topical application of ROMPOX® – D7000 JOINT STRENGTHENER + SURFACE SEALER provides an added layer of support and stabilization to sand joints as well as sealing the surface without the requirement for an alternative or additional sealing product. The unique, high-quality combination provides a cost effective, efficient upgrade to traditional polymeric sand and sealing applications and provides peace of mind to both the installer and end-user for years to come.

To learn more about our ROMPOX® FUGENSAND & D7000 JOINT STRENGTHENER + SURFACE SEALER combination or to receive a free product demonstration, please reach out to your local ROMEX Representative or inquire via our website here.

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